I am also known as Lady Ava Deinhardt, a SCAdian and general historical reenactment enthusiast. I have a graduate degree in historical archaeology and explore a wide variety of crafts and interests within the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism). A general history nerd, I enjoy weaving, heavy fighting, combat archery, target archery, crossbows, and medieval medicine.

I belong to House Stagsglen, made up of Sir Carlyle and myself. I am a subject of the Kingdom of Atlantia, a member of the Shire of Roxbury Mill, and I also belong to the household Domus Fabius. My fighting tabard bears the colors of the Black Company, a free fighting group focusing on melee tactics.

I am relatively new to the SCA, having been in for just around four years now. In that time I have had the opportunity to sew my own garb, experience Pennsic, build my own armor, and learn a little bit of medieval crafts along the way. I hope this site will be a space for documentation of future projects and also just to celebrate all the activities I participate in as a historical reenactor.