Inkle: Carlyle's Knight Belt

This was a challenge piece I created for my fiancé, Sir Carlyle. We will be attending an indoor SCA event this weekend, and he wanted a nice belt to wear. I had just received a brand new loom and was eager to try it out with a difficult project. 

For general weaving and documentation, see here

I had purchased a new loom from Egill's Woodstuffs just recently that can produce bands up to five yards long. I wanted to put this to the test, and so I decided to make a double-wrap belt for Carlyle. We measured out the length needed (approximately 10 feet), and planned for a primarily white belt with a simple dual gold chain pattern running along it. I wanted this to be a wide, bold belt, so I made it 100 strings wide, and warped the entire length of the loom just to get a sense of how much it could produce.