Pennsic Kamikaze Battle 2022

Pennsic Town Battles, Kamikaze Battle

Another year at Pennsic. This year I was able to shoot combat archery in multiple battles for Atlantia, most notably the Town Battle, where each side had multiple building with flags within them. The goal of each army was to capture the flags and take the buildings of the other side. The fiercest fighting was concentrated in the buildings, some of which had "windows" or "doors" which arrows could be shot from. For my efforts and the combine efforts of all of the Atlantian combat archery corps, we were awarded a Shark's Tooth. 

On the first day arriving at war, I also fought spear in the Pennsic Kamikaze battle, a free-for-all that is very much less about war points and more about having fun on the heavy field. No combat archery allowed in this battle, so I slung a spear.