Weaving A&S Documentation - Updated

I began weaving at the SCA event Revenge of the Stitch (Shire of Spiaggia Levantina) held in March 2019. My current focus is on inkle and card weaving. Both are period examples of bandweaving, with card weaving dating back to the early Iron Age. 

I plan to continue working on more complex card weaving projects as well as incorporating more period materials such as silk and wool. 

This was a challenge piece I created for my fiancé, Sir Carlyle. We will be attending an indoor SCA event this weekend, and he wanted a nice belt to wear. I had just received a brand new loom and was eager to try it out with a difficult project. 

Kivrim patterns, often featuring hooks that are referred to as ram's horns, are of broadly Turkish origin. This pattern is my most complicated tablet pattern to date with 26 cards and a non-balanced pattern. Unfortunately, in the middle of this project my loom pegs became untenable. Hoping to finish it after knocking out a few other projects. 

Learning to use a warping board and weave on my box loom, while also getting more experience with tablet weaving. Really enjoyed using my box loom and the flexibility it offers; also, totally period!

Assorted inkle weavings! Useful for belts, trim, laces, or straps. My first introduction to weaving and a productive craft.