Battle on the Bay 2023

Battle on the Bay of 2023 was blazing hot; heat and the direct sunlight were major factors in the heavy fighting melee scenarios. The event was themed on naval warfare, and both sides fought over controlled areas that were designated as ships. Combat archers were limited in some scenarios to fighting behind a haybale representing a crows nest on a ship. Later scenarios allowed full mobility on the field. I had a lot of fun as one of four combat archers, fighting alongside my household and sharing shade with many friends. 

In preparation for the event, I made approximately forty new combat archery bolts, and a new quiver for storing them. I use a canvas tool bucket for a quiver, making individual bolt holders out of cut sections of flourescent bulb tubes. I tape these together with strapping tape, and fit the honeycomb structure to the plastic bottom of the canvas bucket.

A second quiver allows me to continue fighting in between scenarios that don't allow gleaming ammunition, and also ensure I have more ammunition for my foes. I plan in the future to obtain a wagon for carrying ammunition and armor to and from the field, particularly for Pennsic.